Septic Tank Pumping

septic tank pumping eugene oregonHaving your tanks cleaned thoroughly will improve your system’s efficiency and keep it running smoothly. But using a quick “get in and get out” pumping service could spell costly trouble down the road.

Septic Tanks are an investment when they need to be replaced. It is very important to the overall life of your septic tank to clean them. The solids in your waste system build up over time and a pile of sludge is formed on the bottom of your tank.

Every Septic Tank model is different, however on an average, depending on the size of your tank, your household and its usage, we recommend cleaning your tank every 2 years. When sludge builds up in the bottom of your tank, it of course minimizes the space in your tank, which inevitably means less water in the tank. As your water level shrinks, your tanks ability to break down any waste solids is decreased.

When the solids are not broken down, the chance of sludge and solids increases your chances of stoppage and damage to the tank and property.

Septic Installation

septic-tanks-eugene-oregonWe all understand that our world has advanced dramatically when it comes to the handling of sewage. Through this advancement our society can now prevent diseases such as: typhoid, cholera and dysentery.

It is imperative that your private or public sewage system, such as lateral fields and septic tanks are properly installed, the right size is acquired to maintain this advancement.

We carry the longest-lasting systems from leading manufacturers and-most important-we know how to install them properly. You can also trust us to help you pick the right system to meet your family’s specific needs.

Septic Repair & Maintenance

You can rely on us whenever you need a repair, and whenever you’re scheduled to have maintenance. We repair and maintain all leading systems.

If you know that your septic system is experiencing problems, please do not ignore it. Ignoring these smaller septic problems will eventually lead to a much more expensive problem, such as the full replacement of your septic tank and system.  It is important that you keep your septic tank and pipes in top working condition, by fixing the problem and having the proper preventative maintenance performed, so that it can stay in top working condition.

The process of Hydro-Jetting with high speed and pressured water to clean any blockages, grease, scale, silt and sand from building up can solve many problems and keeps pipelines clear and functional. Maintenance is needed to minimize blockages from happening that could result in a larger expensive remediation. Hydro-jetting process should be considered a regular maintenance for car washing facilities, restaurants and food processing plants, as they are consistently dealing with by-products and grease.

Septic Inspection

Inspections of waste disposal systems are a proven way to prevent costly unanticipated repairs. Inspections also assure you that you are disposing of sewage and gray water waste safely and legally. We offer thorough inspection (and peace of mind) at an affordable price.

Don’t let the old philosophy of “Out of Sight-Out of Mind” keep you from have an inspection done on your system.

Video Inspection

eugene-oregon-septic-tank-video-inspectionVideo Line Inspection is a live broadcast of your underground sewer lines and pipes. The cable of the waterproof camera equipment passes through the pipe and reports its finding so that we can determine the condition of your sewer lines & pipes.

When the inspection is taking place, our experienced camera operator can then make an informed diagnosis of the problem. The inspection can help detect such things as, cracked or damaged pipes, movement of pipes due to settling of soil, foreign objects, leaking and broken seals and root invasion.