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Royal Flush Environmental Septic Services has been setting the standard for service and training in the septic industry. Septic Service Eugene Oregon

septic service eugene oregon

Our goal is to be your complete septic tank provider for all your needs:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning
  • Septic System Installation and Repair
  • Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning
  • System Locating Service
  • Video Inspection
  • Sewer Repair
  • Inspections for Home Buyers and Sellers
  • Drain Field Repairs, Inspection and Installation
  • Field Line Repairs, Inspection and Installation
  • Detention Ponds
  • Storm Sewers

Eugene Oregon Septic Service

What Clients Say

Royal Flush pumped septic tank and installed new pvc baffle where the original cement baffle had significant disintegration. Recommended we install a new riser and pvc cap to make service access easier. This was implemented during a second visit not included in the original estimate or work order. Service was great and would highly recommend them
Timothy J. Whitsel, Angie's List - Eugene
Two nights after moving into our home I found the downstairs toilet overflowing while my wife was showering upstairs.
We called Royal Flush that night and they advised us of their rates and that it would be an overtime call, but that they would come right out.  We asked them to come and the service man did a thorough evaluation and found that someone had installed a makeshift clean out near the septic tank and that solids were plugging the drain pipe at that location. He dug up the pipe and put in a temporary repair and then had to remove the toilet to snake out the line to get us back in service that night.  He then came out the next day and put in a proper clean out and cleaned up the area. We couldn’t be happier with the way they responded and (literally) bailed us out that night, and then provided a first class job completion the next day
Larry George, Angie's List - Eugene
When I bought my house I knew that at some point I would need the septic tank cleaned. I called Royal Flush Septic Services in Eugene Oregon to perform that task. When we opened the lid of the septic tank, it was discovered that the tank was an old fuel tank from at least the 1960’s. The tank was rusted out and not working. Then we decided to make sure the rest of the septic system was intact and working. Big surprise; no other part of the septic system was intact or working correctly. It apparently had not been working for many years. So much for home inspection service performed at the time I bought the house. The sewage had been going directly into the soil and leaching from that point deeper into the ground. Nothing was noticeable from the surface. Royal Flush gave me options and prices and I made my choice. Royal Flush started the excavations, ordered a new concrete tank, and applied for the permits.  County officials worked with us in the emergency situation we had on our hands. All of the old septic system was removed and replaced in two and a half days. That time included a late spring torrential downpour that stalled work for most of a day. All new 1500 gallon septic tank, connection to the house, distribution box, and drain field and replacement of the top soil. Very nice work, fast, competent and professional.
David Nielson, Angie's List - Oregon
I used the coupon from Angie’s List. I also purchased some Rid-X type stuff that is cheaper than Rid-X and works better and should last about 3 years. They needed to do the digging for me to uncover the tank and I still spent very little more than I did 5 years ago when they also drained the tank. Very professional.  Will have them do it again when needed!
Beth Hedrick, Angie's List - Eugene Oregon
They pumped our septic fast and cleaned up. Great work!
Michael Tuchsen, Angie's List - Eugene, OR